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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Caitlin's Referral

May 26, 2006

The day that we have waited a lifetime for has finally arrived! Under the direction of a great friend (you know who you are!), we called FOI to see if they had any information regarding our little sweetie! Bob shared her name (Zhao Jin Lian), date of birth (August 7, 2005), and place of residence (Foster Care under the YuanLing SWI, Hunan Province, China). Due to technical difficulties, he was unable to send pictures right away, of course promising to share ASAP!

Through the night, the email containing her pictures arrived - WE ARE IN LOVE!!!!! Could any child be as precious as this one?

Immediately I raced to Shoppers to have 8 sets of pictures printed (you never have printer ink when you need it - LOL) - and called the family to tell them that we had pics. These were quickly dispersed, and various emails were sent to share the pictures with friends and family.


  • At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Uncle D & Auntie Karen said…

    Baby Caitlin,
    I just want you to know that you're our little angel and we have all wanted this for such a long time! We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival so we can celebrate not only your Birthday but the start of your new life! You're loved by so many people and having you in our lives is a true blessing..! We will teach eachother many things over the years and I can't wait any longer to get the ball rolling, and start building these memories with you as a family! You're in good hands my dear but not only with the extended family....You have two of the most amazing people in your parents who will love you unconditionally and guide you on your journey of life! Tons of love always and forever as well as a life filled with Eternal Happiness. Hugs and Kisses Always,
    Uncle D & Auntie Karen

  • At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi from the home farm- This is where jou will come to visit Grampie & Grammie. We can hardly wait for you to come to Canada to your home. We await you with open arms. We love you from your pictures- just think how much more we will care for when we see you in person. Your Grampie loves you so much that he went to China with your Mommie to bring you home. It is now only 11 days until we see you. God bless you & keep you safe.
    Much love from Grammie


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