Journey to Caitlin

Join us on our Journey to our darling daughter, Caitlin Abigail Lian Phillips

Monday, July 17, 2006

Referral Cont.

What they say is completely true - it seems harder to wait to see your child once you have pictures! She quickly became VERY real to could you help but love such a sweet face!

We have decided to name our daughter Caitlin Abigail Lian Phillips (keeping Lian from her orphanage name). She has been Caitlin Abigail for a long time, but we felt that it was important to include a piece of her heritage in her name.

By Monday, we were contacted by FOI regarding departure dates - we leave for China on July 22nd!!!! The planning begins - calls to the travel agency to book tickets, etc. and the beginning of the huge task of packing! Jason's brother Chris decided that he would like to travel with us to China, and we were excited to have him along!


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