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Join us on our Journey to our darling daughter, Caitlin Abigail Lian Phillips

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Changsha Day 2

Hi all,

Last night was fairly uneventful. Caitlin slept most of the night through, only slightly waking a couple of times. She was up for the day at about 5, and drank a bottle and a half!!!! We got ready for the day, and went down to breakfast.

Caitlin is a great eater - this morning she had pumpkin, watermelon, and rice congee. After breakfast we had to go to the Civil affairs office to sign documentation - Caitlin is officially now the daughter of Jason and Marie Phillips!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin sends these kisses to her new Daddy!!!!!


  • At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, hello there!
    You JUST posted and I am responding!
    Wow, that little Caitlin is indeed as gorgeous as she appeared in her referral pics...and blowing kisses to boot! Wow!
    Your journey sounds like it is going well. Good news that she is sleeping well...and eating well...good news indeed.
    Thinking of you often and praying for a good journey.
    Susan McNair

  • At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi from the home farm- Loved pix! Now we know that it really is happening! What a beautiful little girl. Well of course, she takes after her Mommie.Stay strong & know that separation anxiety doesn't last forever.We now know that she will form strong attachments. It's a good thing.
    Love to all 3 of you.
    Joan, Grammie, Mom.


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