Journey to Caitlin

Join us on our Journey to our darling daughter, Caitlin Abigail Lian Phillips

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Changsha to Beijing

What a long day! We had to be out of the hotel room at 3, checkout at 4, leave for the airport at 5. Our plane was supposed to leave at 7:50, but it was after 9:30 when we left! We did not get to the hotel until after 12, and to bed after 1. Glad to be in tonight, and going to bed.

Caitlin has decided that her mommy is pretty cool - thank goodness!!!! We had a tough couple of days, but she was also not feeling well, and I think that the meds are working. She is a really happy and smiley girl - but she sure does know what she wants!!!! Very stubborn!!!!!

Enjoy the pics - the one with Grampie and the backpack is from the oldest university in China!


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