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Monday, July 31, 2006

Beijing Day 3

Hi all,

Wow, does it ever rain hard in Beijing!!!!! This morning we took the babies for medical exams at a clinic licensed to perform them for immigration. I am happy to report that Caitlin is normal developmentally (I think that she is gifted, of course!!!), although somewhat small for her age. She is in the 50th % for height, and the 10th % for weight. That won't last long considering the amount of food that she packs away in a day!!!!!! But the doctor was very pleased with her, and her bonding as well. Whew!!! That means that she is now cleared to come to Canada!!!!!

We then went shopping at an indoor market. The standard practice there is to barter.....they give you a price, and then you tell them what you want to pay for it. Of course it is in Yuan, so it is hard to remember exactly what you are paying, but things are really cheap in comparison to Canada. I got a cute pair of chinese slippers for Caitlin for 20 yuan (that is about $2 - and they are silk!!!) Dad was hilarious bartering......he picked up a few trinkets too.

This evening we went to a Chinese acrobat show - it was incredible! The children that are performing range from 6 - 18, but most appear to be about 10. Talk about flexible! Caitlin loved it, she was smiling and dancing through most of it.

For some reason, I can't post pics tonight, but will tomorrow. Love you and miss you all......

Grampie, Mommie, and Caitlin!


  • At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow! Marie and Don what an adventure! Baby Caitlin is beautiful and quite petite. Emma and Hayden loved your pictures! The Aylmer clan is looking forward to meeting her and seeing you all home safe and sound. You're a brave lady, Marie. Congratulations on making your dream of motherhood a reality. You'll be a fabulous mom. Enjoy the rest of your travels and then hurry home to Jason and the rest of your family that loves and misses you.
    All my best,

  • At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    She's a great little girl-what an addition to your extended family!
    Just finished reading all of your entries to-date. Love the pictures.
    Now that I have your web-page ,I'll check in every day to see what new is happening.
    Good luck with the rest of your journey.
    Ed and Gail


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