Journey to Caitlin

Join us on our Journey to our darling daughter, Caitlin Abigail Lian Phillips

Friday, August 18, 2006


Daddy's Memorial

Saturday, August 19, we will be holding a celebration of life for Caitlin's daddy. So the last week has been pretty consumed by the preparations. Caitlin is doing really well.......she is just a joy! She is always smiling and happy, except when she needs food, sleep, or drink. She is really starting to warm up to her extended family, which makes Mommy happy! She will soon know how much everyone adores her.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out in the last few weeks - you know who you are!!!! It is quite an adjustment getting used to bringing a little one everywhere you go, but she is just such a wonderful little girl that any difficulty is quickly outweighed by her gorgeous smile!

Enjoy the pics.....thanks to Uncle Dunc for the swing!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Home at Last!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to follow our journey and post such supportive comments. I will cherish each and every one of them, and will be sure that Caitlin knows about them, and the people that loved her so much.

I wish that I could say that the last couple of weeks were easy, but things are slowly starting to settle down. Caitlin is such a joy - she is filled with her Daddy's fun loving spirit. We feel him smiling on us all the time.

Mommie and Caitlin

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last Night in China

Hip Hip Hooray!

We are so happy to be heading back to our loved ones......we have missed you all so much. This evening we had a Goodbye China party at a local restaurant. The girls were all presented with wall hangings that contained their Chinese names and a picture - they were gifts from FOI and are very lovely. We then spent the next hour or so packing - unbelieveably we fit all of the stuff into our suitcases (I can't lift them though!!!!)

We cannot wait to get home - it has been a long trip, and we are looking forward to some normalcy.

Last goodbye from China, and see you soon!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beijing Day 5

Hi all,

Today the group went to Tiannamen Square and the Forbidden City - we opted out, as it is a 2 km walk, with no shade, and a lot of steps. We thought that it was best to make sure that we had enough rest for the long trip tomorrow - it is going to be difficult enough without being exhausted on top of it all! We had a leisurely breakfast, and then headed over to the market across the street. I have discovered a love of jasmine tea, so I bought some to bring home. It is loose tea, so I will have to buy something to steep it in, or strain it through. Dad has become the watch guy - he does not have enough arms to put all of the watches that he has bought on! He has purchased a couple that are really good knock offs - they are automatic "Rolexes", and look very authentic. Mom, can you believe that Dad can actually wear these watches? He has had one on for about 5 days, and it is still ticking!!!!!!

We might head to the pool this aft - we are just going to play it by ear. I may post later today, but if not, we will see you all at home!!!!

Lots of love from China,

Dad, Marie, and Caitlin

Beijing Day 4

What can you say about the saddest day in your life??? Had to go out today to keep my mind off the realities of life, so Dad and I went shopping with the group. Sorry that you were unable to get in touch with us - we just got back. The excursion lasted all day. We are staying in this evening, other than to go to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

This morning we went to the silk factory, and learned about the production of silk. There were many beautiful things will see some when we get home. Only two days to go!!!!! Too many for sure.

For lunch we went to a "minority" restaurant - the majority of Chinese people are Mandarin, but there are 56 different ethnic groups in China. This restaurant was run by one of them. After lunch we went to the Pearl Market, where there were pearls for sale as well as other items. We bought a new bag for all of our purchases.

Can't wait to get that you can all see the most beautiful, smart, charming and stubborn girl iin the world. My heart is so filled with love for her, and I know that you will all feel the same. I know that you all know how important this journey was to all of us, especially her Daddy, and I know that she will receive all the love that you have to share. She is so precious.

With love and tears from China,

Grampie, Mommie and baby girl.