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Friday, August 18, 2006

Daddy's Memorial

Saturday, August 19, we will be holding a celebration of life for Caitlin's daddy. So the last week has been pretty consumed by the preparations. Caitlin is doing really well.......she is just a joy! She is always smiling and happy, except when she needs food, sleep, or drink. She is really starting to warm up to her extended family, which makes Mommy happy! She will soon know how much everyone adores her.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out in the last few weeks - you know who you are!!!! It is quite an adjustment getting used to bringing a little one everywhere you go, but she is just such a wonderful little girl that any difficulty is quickly outweighed by her gorgeous smile!

Enjoy the pics.....thanks to Uncle Dunc for the swing!!!!!


  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Patti Butler said…

    Hi Marie and Caitlin

    Just checked the blog and saw your last entry...couldn't see any pics though. I did get a couple cuties by email from your mom. Sorry we could not make it for the memorial to celebrate Jason's life. I'll always remember his sense of humour! I hope the cards reached you. We are planning to come home for the long weekend and are so looking forward to meeting Princess Caitlin!!! We have a couple little gifts for her and based on the reaction to the latest addition to our family...a newborn kitten that our young cat brought home...our boys love babies! Lots of love...see you both soon...xoxo Love from your cousin and family, Patti, Paul, Gabriel and Daniel xoxo

  • At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Read by Uncle Dunc at Jay's memorial
    For Marie-
    When times got rough
    You got tough,
    Picked up you courage to say
    "I love you Jay
    But I must go away
    To bring home our daughter to you."

    We bless the Dad
    Who said,"I'll be glad
    To go to China with you.
    We'll bring home our girl
    And you can be sure
    Of the welcome when we get back."

    Jay, you did your best
    Then had to rest.
    You couldn't go on anymore.
    Mom and Dad said,
    "We must let you go,
    We'll always love you, you know."

    Brothers and sisters
    Were there at the end,
    To wish him well on his way.
    Each said their good-byes
    With tears and sighs
    Ahd looked to a better day.

    We say good-bye to Jay,
    And bless the day
    That Caitlin came into our lives
    And pray for the lady
    Who had the courage.
    She did what she had to do.



    with tears and sighs


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